Ricky Cox for Mayor

Vote November 2019

Public Safety | Community | Public Works |Education | Fiscal Responsibility


After much prayer and consideration, I am honored to announce my candidacy for mayor of Gibsonville. Our town is rapidly growing in every direction and I am deeply concerned about the lack of attention given to our emergency services, infrastructure and public works.

Our police officers and firemen are essential to the safety of our town. It has often been said that when everyone else is running from danger they run toward it. Our emergency services personnel should be equipped to serve and protect our community. The town of Gibsonville must make them a priority as the town continues to grow. In the most recent Board of Alderman meeting, it was said, “We can’t do all we need to, but we are doing good, we are not as bad off as some other towns.” The statement reminded me of a thought shared by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. Collins states that the enemy of great is good. If you are satisfied with being just good enough, you will never achieve great. If we fail to properly support our emergency services, infrastructure and public works, I question whether we are doing “good”. If we are satisfied with the status quo of years past, “good”, our town will never be as great as it could be.

Gibsonville’s greatest asset is not a transportation system or the newest housing development, the greatest asset is the people who live, work and serve in our town. I believe that it is the job of the mayor to be an advocate for all citizens who live and work in Gibsonville. The mayor should also stand with those who serve and protect our community. Over the next few months, I look forward to talking about the issues, meeting with people in our community and running a positive campaign. I humbly ask for your vote in November, a vote for positive change in Gibsonville.